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Holy Moly has it really been eight months since my last update? Yikes! I appologize guys, I had no intention to go on such a long 'haitus' as you could call it.

So what's been happening? Work that's what. Alas nothing exciting. As I said in my last journal, I had started work with a Temp agency which was getting me a few hours here and there. Luckly I managed to get a full time job from one of the places the agency sent me, which I happily accepted. It's not a fantastic job and the pay sucks but it's far better than most other places I've been, and I am working five days of the week. Much better than temping obviously.
Sadly the main downside of the job is that it's physically exausting and mentally mind numbing, which as you can tell by my haitus, has led to me setting artwork aside for the time being.

I'm serriously not happy about that and I'm trying to be more active with my art. It's just trying to find the time and energy to do something exciting.

So anything else happening with me? Not much really. I have been working on a website for a while now that is close to completion. I'm rather happy with it, or will be once the bugs are worked out of it. I've also been trying to learn Japanese, though not very well, hehe.

That's about it really, I'll try not to dissapear again ;) See you guys later!
AaronSmurfMurphy Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009
Looking forward to any and all new artwork sunshine.
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